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Religious School Virtual Learning

Ma Nishtana
Kitah Aleph (1st grade) – Morah Elana:

1. Watch The Story of Passover: Click here
2. Practice Ma Nishtana: Click here.

Kitah Gimel (3rd grade) – Moreh Jimmy
1Adon Olam text
2. Adon Olam recording
3.  Hatzi Kaddish - Hebrew
4. Hatzi Kaddish transliteration
5. Hatzi Kaddish recording

Kitah Gimel (3rd grade) – Morah Bella
Morah Bella would like your children to watch the following to videos:
1.What If We Never Left Egypt?
Click here.
2. Out of Egypt
Click here.
3. Also, check out the recipe below:

Make Charoset for the Seder
Click here.
Kitah Dalet (4th grade) – Morah Elana:

1. Please practice singing the Ma Nishtana (Four Questions attached & music above).
2. Please have the Ma Nitshtana printed and handy before we meet on Tuesday.

Kitah Hei (5th grade) – Morah Dahlia
3/26 - 4/1
Please continue to work on mastering the singing of the Four Questions/Ma Nishtana and the 10 Plagues.
Sing along with the Cantor.
I will review both songs with you when I call this Tuesday, April 1st.

1. Please practice singing the Ma Nishtana (Four Questions attached & music above) for Passover and read the 10 Plagues in Hebrew (attached here).

2. On Tuesdays between 4-6pm, I will call you and we will sing/read it together. The student needs to have the assignment printed out and handy or on the screen when I call.

Kitah Vav (6th grade) – Morah Ellie:

Assignments attached.

Grades 3 - 6 - Tuesdays at 4pm 
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