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Our Values

At KTI, "Lifelong Learning" Is Not A Catchphrase. It Is Who We Are.

Three Torah Scrolls from our Daily Prayer Room

Our goal is to strengthen and encourage involvement, connection, and learning and to create our own sense of Jewish identity within the framework of the Conservative movement. We believe in creating a lifelong home for our congregants and guests while we reach outward to nurture strong partnerships that constantly refine who we are as part of Klal Yisrael. In short, we invest in the idea that​ "The world rests on three things--on Torah, on service of God and on deeds of love"

Group of religious school children, all wearing talit and tefillin

We don't just don tefillin, we learn what they are and why they are significant.

Learn and listen, consider and immerse yourself

Survivor, Daniel Vock, shares his story of being a child in France during the Holocaust.

Daniel Vock, a Holocaust Survivor, discusses childhood experiences in France during the Holocaust

Find deeds of love everywhere at KTI!

From our engaged teens making a difference in the community to our Hesed volunteers reaching out to support our new families or mourn with members, KTI is family.

teens with hardhats pose with 9/11 banner for Habitat for Humanity

KTI Together

At KTI, we work together to write our history.

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Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784