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KTI Cemetery Association, Inc. Rules and Regulations

Kneses Tifereth Israel Cemetery Association, Inc.

575 King Street

Port Chester, NY

Tel. 914.939.1004

Cemetery Location: 

99 Riversville Road,

Greenwich, CT  06831

GPS: Use 99 Memory Lane

What to do in case of death: 

Notify the Congregation office at 914.939.1004 or the Rabbi at 914.939.1004 x206.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

One of the most important and personal phases of our Congregational program centers around the Congregation’s Cemetery.  To all of us, the time will come when the painful problems of family bereavement intrude upon our lives. At such time, the arrangement of a burial and funeral becomes a necessity and a source of often unfortunate anxiety.  The Cemetery Association hereby outlines the policy and procedure concerning KTI’s Cemetery and its privileges.

Membership Privileges

Each member, in good standing, as defined by the Congregation’s Constitution, is entitled to a free, but non-adjacent burial grave, to be allocated when the occasion arises.  While the location of the grave to be used under this provision is determined by the Cemetery Association, it will ordinarily be the next vacant and available grave in the section of the cemetery currently designated as “graves in line.”  The cost of Perpetual Care is not included with the grave and will be due in full at the prevailing rate along with other pertinent fees at the time of interment. A member’s spouse or partner who wishes to reserve an adjacent grave or any other specifically designated grave, if available, in said section, for future use, may do so subject to the rules and regulations of the Cemetery Association, and upon payment of the membership rate for graves and perpetual care prescribed at the time of purchase.  The second grave along with perpetual care must be paid in full at the time of interment of the first party.

The purchase of a grave or plot does not constitute the conveyance of real property to the purchaser but is rather the right to use of the grave or plot for the purpose of burial in accordance with the rules and regulations stated herein. The grave or plot has no real, implied, or monetary value to the purchaser, and cannot be conveyed or resold by the purchaser to another party under any circumstance; including reselling to the Cemetery Association.  All sales are final.

Funeral Services

Provided there is no prior commitment, a member is entitled to the use of the Sanctuary or other designated area as a chapel without charge. A non-member can use the Sanctuary or other designated areas as a chapel only upon approval by the Cemetery Association and payment of the appropriate fee(s) in effect at the time of the service. The Congregation’s Rabbi or representative must be present at all funeral services. The choice of the funeral home is left entirely to the family. A list of approved funeral homes is on file in the congregational offices.


Kneses Tifereth Israel Cemetery Association, Inc. maintains a strict and traditional Kosher cemetery. Anyone buried in the cemetery must be of the Jewish faith. Tahara, ritual washing, and shrouding of the body are required.  The funeral home can arrange this ritual and must provide the Cemetery Association with a Certificate of Tahara at the time of burial.   Embalming or cremations are strictly prohibited.

Cemetery Directions and Hours

The cemetery is open from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm (November thru April), and until 5:00 pm (May thru October). The cemetery is closed Saturdays and Jewish Holidays.  Automobiles must drive slowly through the cemetery. 

FROM NEW YORK CITY: Hutchinson River Parkway north to Exit 30S, King St. Rye Brook. Bear right at the exit to King St. and go to 2nd light (not including flashing light at fire department). Make a left onto Glenville Rd. Proceed 6/10 miles to next light. Make a right and proceed to next light (Riversville Rd.) Make left onto Riversville Rd. for 1 3/10 miles to Memory Lane on right. (Look for a mailbox with #280 on the left side of the street--cemetery entrance is across from box). (Entrance to cemetery is very steep at this point). Proceed on Memory Lane 6/10 miles to cemetery.

FROM CONNECTICUT: Merritt Parkway South to Exit 27S (Immediately after underpass). Make a right off exit onto Ridge St. continue to end and make a right onto King St. and proceed to second traffic light. Make a left onto Glenville Rd. Proceed 6/10 miles on Glenville Rd. to next light. Make a right and proceed to next light (Riversville Rd.). Make left onto Riversville Rd. for 1 3/10 miles to Memory Lane on right (entrance to the cemetery is very steep at this point). Proceed on Memory Lane 6/10 miles to cemetery.

NEW JERSEY OR UPSTATE NEW YORK: Go to Tappan Zee Bridge and proceed to Exit 8 (Cross Westchester Expressway #287). Continue to Hutchinson/Merritt Parkway North exit. Go to Exit 30, Rye Brook, on Hutch and make right. ***follow same directions as from NYC.

Price of plots and Graves in a line

A price schedule for members and non-members is provided under separate cover. Current prices include perpetual care. The cost of any individual graves or family plots must be paid in full prior to the first interment in said plot or individual grave(s).
Note: Graves purchased by a member for non-member use must pay the non-member rates in effect at the time of interment.  Graves purchased by a non-member who was previously a member must pay the non-member fees at the time of interment. Non-member rates will also apply at the time of interment even if the grave was purchased while still a member.
All sales are final.  No refunds will be issued.

Perpetual Care

All plots and graves in line must be purchased with perpetual care.
Plots and graves purchased previously without perpetual care require that perpetual care is paid for before each interment.
Perpetual care provides general maintenance of each plot or grave including mowing, weeding, leveling and seeding.  Plantings, washing of monuments and special care can be arranged to be performed by our caretaker at an additional cost to the owner, after application to and approval of the Cemetery Association for such work.

Plantings and Structures

No hedges, fences, railings, concrete barriers (including bricks, stones or blocks), benches, or other obstructions above ground are permitted.  Plantings that become unsightly, diseased, or fail to conform to regulations, may be removed after notifying the representative or the owner of plot or grave if possible, at a reasonable cost to the owner.  No flower beds or loose floral arrangements are permitted on any grave or plot.


Other than approved memorials and planting, no objects or structures may be placed on plots or graves except metal flag holders and flags for former members of the military.  Nonconforming decorations can be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Association.


All monuments, including footstones, can only be installed after obtaining the written permission of the Cemetery Association.  Plans showing size, design, material, inscription, location, and foundation must be submitted by the monument company to the Cemetery Association before written approval can be obtained.  There is a nominal fee to obtain a permit due at the time of filing. Mausoleums and ledger stones are not permitted.  Family plots that have existing ledger stones will be allowed to install additional ledger stones in that existing plot only.

Headstones must be placed on single graves. Footstones are permitted only on plots of 4 or more graves.

The selection of a monument company is at the owner’s discretion. A list of approved monument companies may be obtained through the KTI office.

Headstone size regulations:

Single grave 2’ wide 3’2” high
Double grave 4’ wide 3’2” high
10 x 9 plot - 5’ wide 3’2” high
20 x 9 plot – 7’ wide 3’2” high
10 x 18 plot – 5’ wide 3’2” high
20 x 18 plot – 7’ wide 3’2” high
*height includes the base


Footstone size regulations:
Flush marker – 2 x 1
Slant marker – 2-1 x 1

Slanted stones shall not be permitted in newly purchased plots or plots that have been reserved for future use and have not had an interment as of the date that this document is signed by the purchaser. Existing family plots that have existing slanted foot stones shall be allowed to install additional slanted stones at the time of interment in that plot only.

Outside Workers or Contractors

No outside workers or contractors are allowed to perform work of any kind without written permission of the Cemetery Association and must be fully insured and bonded before performing any work.


If lot or monument on it falls into disrepair, the Cemetery Association, after notifying a representative of the lot, if possible, may do whatever is necessary to correct this condition at a reasonable charge to the owner.

Advertising or Soliciting

Not permitted on cemetery grounds, or approaches to the cemetery.

Change, Amendments, and Construction or Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations can be supplemented, revised, altered and amended at any time by the Cemetery Association. Should any question arise as to the meaning or construction of any of the provisions herein, the meaning and construction given thereto by the Cemetery Association shall be controlling and binding.

Any omissions, or articles or concern not specifically stated or implied herein shall be addressed on a one on one basis by the Cemetery Association in consultation with clergy, and all decisions rendered by the Association shall be binding and incorporated as a permanent part of this document. All purchasers of the right of burial shall read this document and sign a copy of the
agreement indicating that they have done so and accept and understand all provisions included herein prior to interment or the issuance of a “Deed” for the grave or plot in question.
If for whatever reason the purchaser or their agent cannot read and sign the entire document, a short form signature page will be provided by the funeral director and must be executed prior to interment. Such signature shall constitute full acceptance of the provisions set forth in the entire document and shall be binding on the purchaser.


Updated: July 2018 per B Walker

Sun, July 14 2024 8 Tammuz 5784