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Membership includes:

  • Tickets to High Holiday services (2 per family membership, 1 per single membership)
  • Access to all religious services
  • Support from our caring and engaged clergy for all lifecycle events
  • Full participation in all cultural, social, educational and recreational programs
  • Access to our renowned religious school (tuition is additional)
  • Tuition discounts for our Early Childhood and pre-Religious School programs
  • Eligibility to vote on issues as outlined in the By-Laws and Constitution 
  • Eligibility to serve on the Board of Trustees and our Executive Board
  • Eligibility to serve on our committees
  • Opportunity to purchase graves at the KTI owned cemetery


Dues cover our minimum annual costs for operation and do not include additional costs of programming, special activities and speakers, and improvements to our campus infrastructure. We hope you take this into account when making pledges throughout the year. See our Donations page for a variety of worthy projects.

Please note that KTI's fiscal year begins January 1 and ends December 31.  All payments are considered late 60 days after bills are sent in order to ensure smooth operations of our campus.

Membership categories schedule of fees 
Family    $3630
Single Parent Family   $2185
Young Family Member oldest child is 2nd grade $2380

Single Membership

75+ Member Couple

75+ Member Single





Life Membership Couple

Life Member Single

Associate Member

Out of Town






Note: Building and Security Fees are Additional
Building Fund is payable over 5 years by all new members, except Associate, Out of Town, ECP and 75+ Memberships.  A credit will be available if a member provides proof of payment into a building fund at another synagogue within the past 5 years, up to 50% of KTI’s Building Fund amount maximum credit.

Discount Incentive Programs

Group Membership Discount for New Families 

  • The Group Discount allows for three or more new families joining KTI at the same time to receive a 50% discount on their first year's annual dues (credited upon dues payment by all families in the group)
  • Offer valid when three or more new families join KTI at the same time (even if they are seeking Family Membership, Young Family Membership, or any combination of the two). 
  • Young Family membership is not entitled to discounted tuition for the first year of their membership but becomes eligible in their second year provided they maintain their KTI membership (which may be at a discounted family rate)

NOTE: Entitlement to tuition discounts will be subject to payment in full of annual dues. Any Issues or questions concerning credit/discounts under KTI Discount Incentive Programs will be resolved by the Board of Trustees.

For more information, contact the KTI Office at 914.939.1004 and speak with the Executive Director, Sylvia Spitalnick.


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